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Empowering Communities with Canada's FDI Surge: 2023 and Beyond


Canada is gearing up for an FDI windfall, predicted to attract an astounding $500 billion in 2023, marking a pivotal turn in post-pandemic economic resurgence and job generation. With Hickey Global's discerning analysis, grasp the primary factors steering this upward trajectory, the industries poised to benefit, and Canada's reimagined governmental FDI strategy. This report becomes an indispensable guide for EDOs aiming to optimize the incoming FDI wave for community growth and enhanced partnerships.

  • Defining Canada's FDI Appeal:
    • Predictable and stable business climate.
    • Profoundly skilled and educated labor force.
    • Enduring dedication to innovation.
    • Prime geographical placement with expansive market outreach.
  • Spotlighting Major FDI Players:
    • Samsung's $1 billion investment in Ontario's renewable domain.
    • Volkswagen’s $2.8 billion endeavor in Quebec's electric vehicle segment.

We're genuinely exhilarated about Canada's FDI prospects, and our passion translates into this meticulously crafted report. Engaging, insightful, and tailored for economic development organizations, let's explore this exciting phase together!

Ready to strategically position your community amidst Canada's FDI ascent? Dive deep with our FDI 2023 report. Fill out the form below and stay ahead with Hickey Global.


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