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ESG Mastery: Elevating Communities and Transforming Economic Development


In today's world, ESG isn't just a buzzword; it's a crucial strategy for driving sustainable growth. For EDOs, integrating ESG into comprehensive economic development strategies can be a game-changer. Not only does it promote robust economic expansion, but it also positions your community as a beacon of responsibility and forward-thinking. Wondering how? Hickey Global's deep dive into this transformative approach is here to guide you. Our insights empower EDOs to seamlessly align with business ESG objectives, fostering resilient, thriving communities.

  • Understanding ESG goals enhances the ability of real estate service providers, EDOs, and developers to add value for their clients.

  • Decision drivers for site selection are changing to factor in ESG pillars, with different companies focusing on one or a combination of Environmental, Social, and Governance factors

  • EDOs should consider ESG as another competitive factor in corporate site selection

  • Traditional economic development metrics don’t factor ESG progress; new metrics are needed

We know the world of economic development is evolving, and ESG is at its heart. Be empowered to use ESG as a tool to uplift your community and foster top-tier business activity.

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